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Louis Vuitton knew he wanted to design fashionable clothing and accessories at a young age. As the founder of the Louis Vuitton brand of leather goods, he also was the official trunk-maker to Empress Eugenie de Montijo, wife of Napoleon III. Born in France in 1821, Vuitton left home in 1835, when he was 13-years old, alone, striking out for Paris. Since he was traveling on foot, it took Vuitton over two years to complete the 290+ mile journey to Paris, arriving in the city at 16-years old. Can you say, “he followed his dream?” In Paris, he became an apprentice to a noted box-maker and packer (two traditional professions at that time). After leaving his mentor, he opened his own shop in Paris to make boxes and pack them securely. After Louis’s death at 70 in 1892, his son Georges took control of the company and brand. As a noted maker of luxury goods, LVMH is a subsidiary of Christian Dior SE (1987).  Although the Louis Vuitton line of handbags evolved from modest beginnings, in 1987 the company merged with Moet Hennessy, the already famous maker of champagne, Moet & Chandon, and the cognac producer, Hennessy. With around 60 subsidiaries, LVMH is a successful luxury goods conglomerate.